Specialist systems

We offer a range of specialist solutions to ensure the protection of you and your business.

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Emergency lighting

Disabled refuge

Specialist alarm solutions

P.A.T. Testing


Anti smoking alarms

Health & safety

Fire extinguishers

Emergency lighting & signs

Critical to the safety of staff in an emergency, UFSS provide extensive emergency lighting and fire safety signage.

We are experienced in providing the latest solutions to emergency lighting. This includes general mains emergency fittings (both maintained and non-maintained versions) and also central battery systems. Static inverters and the most up to date addressable lighting systems are also available.

We can also provide an extensive range of options from explosion proof, IP65 waterproof outdoor fittings, decorative emergency fittings to standard bulkheads.

Our technical engineers provide a free site survey to understand your detailed requirements. Following your approval we offer a full design, installation, commission and hand-over service with supporting documentation, all to the latest standards and local fire officer requirements.

Fire exit emergency lighting

Disabled refuge

Depending on your environment it can be a legal requirement to provide a means of refuge for any person who cannot easily use fire escapes.

Specialist Alarm Solutions

We are able to supply and install a range of specialist alarm systems including Nurse and staff alarms, temperature alarms and asset protection systems.

Disabled refuge

Portable Appliance Testing - Service & Maintenance

Ultimate Fire and Security offer a full site P.A.T. (portable appliance testing) service with full certification issued on completion.

PAT Testing


UFSS provide a range of design, installation and configuration options to deliver the back-bone for your IT needs.

Local Area Networks.

Network Infrastructure.

Ethernet/Patch Cabinets.

Networking data cabling

Health & Safety

From our central UK location we provide a national service to ensure businesses become fully compliant with all aspects of government legislation in Health & Safety.

We offer a full range of services including in-house staff training, 24/7 telephone helpline and regular updates. We also assist your staff to ensure that they fully understand their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Fire Risk Assessment

Health & Safety at Work Act

Government Legislation

Health and safety services and solutions

Anti smoking alarms

UFSS provide and install new range of anti smoking devices to be used in a variety of different environments. There are a number of different systems available.

Stand alone speech tone

These systems sense cigarette smoke and then provide an audible message, for example "THIS IS A NO SMOKING AREA PLEASE EXTINGUISH YOUR CIGARETTE, A MEMBER OF SECURITY HAS BEEN CONTACTED"

Linked systems

These sytems alert other areas of cigarette smoke, for example a staff room in a school or a security person.

Battery operated or mains units

These systems sound an audible alarm sensing cigarette smoke.

No Smoking Stickers

This simple approach suggests the presence of a cigarette smoke sense system.

Anti smoking alarms